No NEW YEAR this time...

A gruesome incident, left India in deep grief and horror. I wonder are we going towards development or our wings brutally pawed by men in the society.
New year is supposed to be a sign of new beginnings, getting over with the pains of past & starting afresh, but I think, life would never be the same now. A women is a symbol of beauty, growth, love & hope. But on the contrary, how are women treated in India, is not a question now. All questions are been asked yet all have been said. But does words & answers are enough???

Enough has been done, killing a girl after such physical assault, can anything be more grave that this? NO. Nothing can't be, nothing was so ghastly done than it was carried out in the bus on 26th december. An innocent soul, a brave heart lost everything she possessed because a group of sick men having shitty mentality took everything with all her plight, leaving her un-nerved & dying. They should be hanged, no I think that would be too easy a death for such criminals. They should be castrated & left out with more physical assault. This punishment or any more can never equal the pain & distress the girl might have gone through, an ordeal which can never be answered. It's high time that the authorities & the "so called" government take some steps in other to instill confidence among the public. We salute the girl & her soul for going through so much pain & suffering. I just wish that wherever she is, dear please be at peace because no matter what, we will have a very stringent step taken against those who brought the entire humanity down with their ill minds.


She left us with no fault of her's , the pain , the anguish which protesters are bringing to notice of the mute government  is ready to bring a severe change in the society. I just wish we do not let go the flame which has been instilled in this period. I just pray that we as a country stand together, to demolish strange laws, idiotic policies in order to bring about a safer nation. We women , not even men are safe here. There's a long way to go & start right now, from your heart a pledge so that no other women is ever disrespected any where in India.... We all have to stand to bring that change.....

Don't we have a right to live? We surely have, maybe in a much more respected manner then men... Let's start the fight, war for peace & justice, war for a safer country, war to bring the change, where we can proudly say "This is where we live...."

We won't take it any longer ......


  1. नववर्ष की हार्दिक शुभकामनाएँ... आशा है नया वर्ष न्याय वर्ष नव युग के रूप में जाना जायेगा।

    ब्लॉग: गुलाबी कोंपलें - जाते रहना...

  2. I have been saying it off late that the biggest problem lie in our mindset. Until we change it nothing is going to happen. It has to be changed.

    I'm expecting a lot from this new year. Wish the cruel incident that has united the whole country should not occur again. We as citizens of India need to show the government that we are united and we want change. Hope it happens.

    Hoping for a better India in the New Year.

  3. Its really sad that 2012 is gonna end like this...The government talks but does nothing....As I have said in this article they should not be hanged...They should be shot in public ....

  4. This incident has indeed shook the nation
    hope that this new year brings more justice and relief for everyone

    Happy New Year!!!!

  5. It needs SOME amount of introspection and self promising from part of every human Indian and say "I won't let it happen. I WILL do something about it"

    Just as you have done your part. By writing.
    It's a battle now with our dual selves.

    Please read my thoughts on the subject

  6. Hey Tani, Wish you a very Hopeful New Year dear... Hope this year witnesses a new India where women are actually respected... Great write dear as usual.. :)

  7. Wow that was sad to read. Hopefully this new year will bring more justice there. As you said death is not enough for men like them and I always thought castration should be done to them. I hope society changes and these bad things stop.

  8. Very interesting subject , thanks for posting . from Never give up


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