No NEW YEAR this time...

A gruesome incident, left India in deep grief and horror. I wonder are we going towards development or our wings brutally pawed by men in the society.
New year is supposed to be a sign of new beginnings, getting over with the pains of past & starting afresh, but I think, life would never be the same now. A women is a symbol of beauty, growth, love & hope. But on the contrary, how are women treated in India, is not a question now. All questions are been asked yet all have been said. But does words & answers are enough???

Enough has been done, killing a girl after such physical assault, can anything be more grave that this? NO. Nothing can't be, nothing was so ghastly done than it was carried out in the bus on 26th december. An innocent soul, a brave heart lost everything she possessed because a group of sick men having shitty mentality took everything with all her plight, leaving her un-nerved & dying. They should be hanged, no I think that would be too easy a death for such criminals. They should be castrated & left out with more physical assault. This punishment or any more can never equal the pain & distress the girl might have gone through, an ordeal which can never be answered. It's high time that the authorities & the "so called" government take some steps in other to instill confidence among the public. We salute the girl & her soul for going through so much pain & suffering. I just wish that wherever she is, dear please be at peace because no matter what, we will have a very stringent step taken against those who brought the entire humanity down with their ill minds.


She left us with no fault of her's , the pain , the anguish which protesters are bringing to notice of the mute government  is ready to bring a severe change in the society. I just wish we do not let go the flame which has been instilled in this period. I just pray that we as a country stand together, to demolish strange laws, idiotic policies in order to bring about a safer nation. We women , not even men are safe here. There's a long way to go & start right now, from your heart a pledge so that no other women is ever disrespected any where in India.... We all have to stand to bring that change.....

Don't we have a right to live? We surely have, maybe in a much more respected manner then men... Let's start the fight, war for peace & justice, war for a safer country, war to bring the change, where we can proudly say "This is where we live...."

We won't take it any longer ......

The Yellow Balloons....

She sat, engrossed seeking solace in the ripples. Not knowing where life's gonna take her; why did this happened to me, she questioned her soul.

"It was so strong ; like a story which destiny had painted for her, with him. They were perfect in every sense, why did he do it. Had she lost everything now, yes !! Of course, nothing more was left now"

"It's all over" the words echoed in her ears, she felt like nauseating. Darkness prevailed across her mind.

Since, 5 years they were together, holding each other in tough times, taking pain just to see a smile on their lovers face. He was with her all along these days, the time when she lost her father, or the time when she had the bloody accident. But what went wrong this time.

*She cursed herself for not being the ideal girl friend, maybe he lost all the love that was suppose to be there, what was present in all those moments & helped them going strong....*

But, what now...?

She got hold of a bunch of yellow balloons , flying admist the chilled air. It was quater past 7, the atmosphere smelled of roasted turkey. Mother must be cooking dinner, she thought. It was pitch darkness by this time, she got up, with no energy left in those bones, no zeal to eat the delicious turkey for celebrating Christmas. Maybe there will be no moment in future, when I ever can enjoy my life, anyhow. Not even a single second when I would celebrate my doings. I wish he stays happy forever. I wish I never forget him, I wish I live with this injury he gave me. I wish I learn to celebrate pain, maybe I would never be able to trust anyone now. 
Random thoughts striked her mind, numbed by the pain which was introduced by life.....

P.S: A story with no ending :( I was just stricken by this idea after watching a movie. Why do people who are left alone by their lover's always think like this, no matter how hard they tried to make the relationship work. I really wish , if you get an ideal soulmate, don't let him/her go, no matter what.
Thanks, for reading, I know it was really naive & full of miserable errors :D 

Some Lines to my little Bro...

A letter of sort for my little , angelic, mischievous, overly naughty cousin wo turned 10 this November. This one is for you Aditya :)

My notorious little bro
I wish all my wisdom to and fro
I pray for you being a awesome human one day                              
keep the innocence with you forever and never stray

Life is a all beautiful and filthy at times
just be aware of hard rocks and crimes
Beware of people who might put you in distress
and laugh behind your back when see that you are blessed

You are a grown up dude now
don't crib & fuss to make your parents disavow
They love you even more than any one can ever do
crave for more toys but never let the rhythm go

Life is like chocolate, it will melt away anyway
just seek out for moments to enjoy many break away            
watch out for your strengths and respect those flaws
because you are a human after all
I know you like chocolates and candies too much
just stay away and don't crunch them too much
Respect your elders and love your little sis
she loves you the most and expects the same from you with a kiss

Too many lessons for my little friend
I know you are a smart boy who can differ between devil & angel         

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She Will Wait !

The seedy bar smelt of stale peanuts and cheap cologne , the atmosphere grew mystic with sweat and hardships of fisherman.
The lady sat there with a glass of red wine, deliriously waiting for someone.

Young ship workers danced to the loud music.

He did not arrive even after 9 years , she will wait.....

Piggy Bank

In that pink little treasure I owe, 
the tingling coins that bestows
a surprise when it broke
I loved to save each penny
to buy chocolates and dresses one day
thinking I would be rich surrounded by all toys in a tray

I garbled across mother and father
to spare those currency notes
but trivial coins of distinct value is what were rolled !!

I still tried with those uncles & aunts to gift a penny or two
but this time too their were cents a few
they strike the roof & walls just to resonate the clatter through

The box was my cherished possession 
dreams woven around the money that would be added to a million and some more
I waited for the day when it would be the right time to smash and fray
with the bugs that were there 
a process of hard work and sweat

a feeling I swear , full of innocent emotions
but it got lost somewhere
I searched for it every where
up on antic and down in the store
but in vain it had left me fully rotten and ignored
I cried all day and weeped at night
still their was no single trace of the corps
that parted from me without bidding goodbye.

The Weeping Tree

The forest lie barren on both sides
every direction speaks of rotten belief
Insane fools still doesn't understand
what pain would exist without a single green strand

      You have taken my family & dear one's with a single swing of an axe
crushing brutally, the emotions we forlay
I wish the insanity is realized soon
maybe after I am knocked down with bestial blades

I am not taught to complain or curse
its my duty to give you all I posses
just like an old maid without a palisade 
I own the treasures of the world in shade
The sweetness of nectar in my fruits 
and the mystic scent of an occult place

I do not desire such selfishness from my masters
just some respect and protection from the disasters
I wish there's a next generation of trees to your service
offering our heart and soul on silver platter
without the fear of being besieged to a blunt end
Just some trust and that's all we require 

Yayy! This post is a WOW post :) 

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To My Wife !

This post is written for the Best 55 Fictionist Contest, hosted by Sasikumar Raja Blogs at Beginner


Neena was searching for her bangles in the cupboard,  when the Album fell down.

It would have been 25 years today, if Amit would have fought cancer.

She felt a strong chill through her spine. The air was full of his mystic scent ....

“Neena !!” a voice called from behind
  Love had conquered death 

Author's Note : I am not really into writing paranormal stuff, but the contest gave me an opportunity to sense another side of human existence. Hope it was not a disappointment :)  Thanks ! For reading :)
Suggestions are Welcome !

Background : The story is based on a moment where a husband fights even death to visit his wife for their 25th wedding anniversary. 

The Lunatic Writer

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Every time I wrote leaving the homework behind
They scolded & made remarks, saying that I would suffer
"Writing has no future & you have neither the competence nor a chance to succeed" it said...

How do I tell them, that it's a passion deep down
and it's not for a future its just an art full of compassion
I wish they understood and made me pursue the intense emotions in writing

I crossed high school with flying colors
and asked them again, can I have a part time journey through the sacred cause
"Writing as I said, my dreams were thumped down once again"
I entered the second phase, just in hope that the insanity transformed into a holistic task

Made me write as a novice, my hands still trembled when I got discouraged again
I once again lost the desire to continue with the shining armor , the pen in hand
Found an inspiration in the path & made the dream re-live with his context
I made & published works here & there
Praises came my way with open arms,
Welcoming my dreams & madness, they loved me now

Of- course I'm Insane, but they all love me for my insanity :)
Writing with every breathe, is what I love
Picturing thoughts with my armor is what my soul deserve

P.S: A dream yet to come true, they say, dreaming with open eyes help you achieve every thing. This poem is half-my-journey in the crazy, lunatic world of writing. I was discouraged at first but I see myself as a cool & published (maybe a bestseller) writer one day. Maybe 40 years from where I am today, but still I would achieve it one day , no matter how strong the aversions I have to face.... 

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Does Silence Teach ?

** Dark red eyes; after the previous night constant sobbing. She wrecked her lugubrious life. Pensively she began wondering if happiness would ever come again! **

The day flashed across her eyes....

A free soul, her heart was full of lush thoughts, now.

“Silence is a great healer”

She got up, easing the meditative pose

P.S:  Meditation is one of the best ways to understand circumstances in life. It gives you immense energy to handle situations & become an expert in taking decisions... One must try the art of living with meditation, it relies on the simple principle of silence & what a unique healer the bond provides... 

The Witty Guy

Most of the guys have this kinda mentality... According to most of the girls, I read an article yesterday , which compelled me to make this comic script :) Hope you enjoy !

Just meant for a joke, nothing personal... I know nice guys do exist, but some still follow a niche & typical behavior like this one :) ;)


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