Love On Crossroads

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It’s because of You that life is bright
It’s because of you every time is right
I wonder what I have been without you
I would have died all alone
Or maybe living a life in just my flesh and bone
You made me smile in difficult paths
Full of monsters and rafts
I wish I could hold you close
                        Close to my heart and never let you go                        
Because when you are not around
My hearts sobs and tears overflow
Life is a beauty in half grown light
But it sparkles with our love shinning more bright
The happy times are about to end
That’s what your behaviour makes me comprehend
I wish I could make the bond rise with passing time
And let my heart be at peace and climb
The journey of life would have been divine
No smothering just rising and rising
Every moment is a cherished memory
Locked deep down the trail and the keys are lost
I wish I would have left some love in your heart
To track back in life
I don’t want to leave
And spend the last days in deceit
Love was destined to happen between us
Don’t know what went wrong and you made the cuts
Wounding my hearts with a criss- cross blade
You saw me suffer and still you fled

I  Wonder what destiny has stored for both of us
Don’t want more cribbing and making a fuss
I just need you by my side
Would forgive the times when you lied
Because I have come across the truths
That  snuggled with our youths

I wish It does not happen again since you promised to love me forever with your heart and restrain...
Lets start all over again from the time our love was intense as the sea and strong as the mountain
Promise me things would be fine as you will pay our love with all your soul and

Your love for our bond helping me forget the times we had lost....
P.S: I am not use to writing poems on heartbreak, so this is my first try. Know, it's a bit long, thanks for bearing with the flow :)


  1. Wow...that was an awesome poem, Tanya!! Hi5 for the debut attempts :D You did a great job here...i love the rhyme scheme...I can never write rhyming poems :( I envy you so much :P ^_^

    1. Thanks a lot for your cute words Swarnali. Oh! But you write such awesome stuff my friend :D :) Take care!

  2. This is fabulous! and that too at your first attempt... Great! :)
    Justified with the depressing feelings that comes within with the break of a relationship.
    Cheers for the rhymes... A melancholic touching song I would love to call it :-)

    Keep on Expressing such Wonders!
    Best wishes!

  3. This was a really beautiful poem Tanya ... the clash between love and betrayal was perfectly portrayed ... You are really growing with each and every post of yours ... keep writing buddy :-)

    1. Woopie, a complement from the master itself... :) Thanks a lot Greeny :)

  4. this was awesome...a sixer at the debut match :)

    1. Glad to see you Rajrupa. :) Thanks a lot friend :)


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