Love Captured In a Short Film

I was just browsing over the internet & came across these awesome short films, they are not an award winning version still I liked the idea & plot portrayed so well in just 10 minutes....
After seeing the films I really think our directors need much of an insights from the younger generation who are full of ideas & diverse story-line. We really need a change. 

Hope someday the people understand that just copying international flicks is not real movie making, you need to explore the real life & drama in moments passing by.

A must see for all Indians as most of the film is in Hindi, there's an English script going on at the bottom, so in case my lovely English friends have developed a curiosity. This one is a must try ....


Arranged Marriage    


  1. They are awesome. First one -'Mehrooni'- is very touching. It shows true love.
    Thanks for the post.

    1. Yeah it was Abhinav. Hope you enjoyed it :)

  2. I loved these two films...especially the arranged marriage one..too sweet... :)

  3. You post very frequently .. dont you? :) :)

    I love the first film Mehrooni.. in fact my first blogpost was based on the same movie.. And the movie itself was the inspiration behind the name of my blog..

    Totally love it.. :) :)

    1. :) I just wanted to share it with you all, so technically its not a post :) But yeah whenever I feel like I do post. Its really exciting to know people's opinion & evolve :)
      Oh! I see, cool N I just saw the blog post :D So that means you are thoroughly connected with the short film. :) Hope it rekindled the sweetness :)
      Take care! Have a nice day

    2. Oh yes.. it is easily one of the most beautiful short movies.. love it thoroughly.. and thnks to u I visited my own post aftr a long long time :D keep writing and keep making people think and evolve :)

  4. I didn't get a chance to watch yet due to my net problems :-(


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