"Finding Sunshine In Cliched Darkness": My entry for the Get Published contest’

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Ever wondered what love meant to an ugly, geeky girl who never thought she would find her  prince charming? 
Well this is a fairy tale story, just out of the books in real life; this is MY story. A story where I re-lived my true self, being so protective as if I was with God, Yes my own God. He was perfect in every way. Love was restricted as he did not believe in the word  "LOVE". However, to me it's undoubtedly the greatest, the loveliest and the purest feeling one could imagine in a few moments & seek bliss of a lifetime or one could spend the life with his lover & yet it seems as if it ended so soon :(

Emotions that transformed me from a shy girl to a person who proposed the guy. Love blew my senses in a manner which couldn't be defined. 

"If beauty was to be defined how to describe the rose?"

"If innocence was to be described how can I do justice describing a new-born?"
"If love was to be defined how can I briefly state the relationship between you & me?"

It was as pure as the morning sky, as beautiful as the moon on a cloudless night, I made the move to accept the rejection but to the contrary we ended up being the best of friends. The story is real & doesn't resemble the usual love stories you might have read in books or watched in movies. It is about seeking your soul mate out of the blue. I saw him & I knew, if I would ever get married it would be only with him or else I would remain single. Just a chance glance and I made him my soul mate... Strange but true, it was truly weirder than fiction. This is the story of T & M...

A girl was the state topper, cute, geeky & ugly(maybe in some sense). The guy was a handsome, intelligent, innocent, patient person with whom any girl would love going out. I fell in love maybe in a week's time & it seemed stupid as my friends used to say that, we were not meant to be together!

I didn't know his name & dreamt about being his wife, a lady whom he would love more than anything else, a marriage where just the eyes would do the talking, a life where we would be the best couple ever. Such dreams without even knowing the name? Gosh ! This was insane & I was the craziest girl ever present there. 

So what do you think, did we ever ended up being together? Did he ever like me? Why would such a handsome & intelligent guy fall in love with an ugly girl? This couldn't be a possibility, right? I was sure he would never chip in ;  I was just behaving in an imprudent manner. This was not meant to be my story, maybe I would never get married because if it's not him, there no chance for anyone else. A real love story which would fight all odds or maybe not! It might complete my empty life or maybe not.

This is my entry for the HarperCollins–IndiBlogger Get Published contest, which is run with inputs from Yashodhara Lal andHarperCollins India.


  1. Wow ... what an introduction ... you have really grasped my attention ... All the best for the contest :-)

  2. nice,,,beat of luck for the contest

  3. Lovely....love is an irrational emotion, Tanya.:) Loved this...All the best~

  4. Those ending lines worked like a magic wand!
    Applause for the true dedication towards your love. I am deeply touched!

    All the best my dear, my Princess :-)
    And yes, Ugly word doesn't defines you at all!

    Stay Loving - Smiling!

    1. Oh so nice of you dear :) Thanks a lot, do vote for me when you get time :)

  5. Ah! thats a lovely different take...would like to know how u shape it...voted for u! and thanks for ur vote! all the best..

    1. Thanks for liking it, really appreciate your vote. Thanks, once again :)

  6. I didn't know you were a University topper :o . The idea is Nice!! Hopefully you will turn it into some thing really great. Good Luck :) and voted :)

    1. Oh ! Yes I am :) With 94% in PCM :D Thanks for liking the idea Prasoon :)Voted for you too buddy :)

  7. Love never leaves you empty.. you will always be left with some part of Love.. either it be a better half, a very close friend or a memory.. :)

    lovely post.. all the best for the contest.. :)

    1. Good to see you again here :) Yes ! I am left with lots of love, the statement was just meant to achieve certain level of curiosity for the readers :)

  8. great plot envisioned. best wishes

  9. Wow...it sounds very interesting... Great to know about you...
    I am sure there is lots to look forward to...
    Voted :)


  10. Hi Tanya,

    Wow, it's wonderful reading about your love story. Your story seems like a very heart touching tale of how external looks don't matter so much where love is present. I would love to read the entire tale of your love and the conclusion to it.

    My vote goes to you, wish you luck :):):)

    P.S. Do check out & vote for my entry for Get Published.


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