Comic Strip : Noxious Little Frank

Frank is a mischievous young fellow, who is often found fooling around with the school staff, especially the Teachers. I really pity them, see for yourself what this lad is up to... ;)

* ANOTHER COMIC SCENE from the noxious little frank....

Comic Strip : The Cool Guy

Haha... The Heartbreak

                             This is how alcohol makes a man go sane :) ;) :P Hahahah

Comic Strip : A cockroach A Day

A Cockroach a Day

I'm convinced my cockroaches have military  training, I set off a roach bomb - they diffused it. "

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Tanya Sehgal

Comic Strip : Pappu & Damru

The Pappu Damru Story...
These are some characters I am introducing would be using this in future hilarious scripts :)

Comic Strip : Men Will Be Men

A new spree coming your way. Just trying to add some humor in those boring life's & hectic schedules :) The viral throll saga is going all over the internet. I am not the one copying the stuff, so just came out with the comic script thing. Hope you like it :)

@Coveted Dreams
Tanya Sehgal 

Perfect Memories

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Not just any moments, they have been all perfect for me. We grow up, and photographs acts as reminiscences of the past. The treasured people standing in support, every time I stumble, every time I am sad, every time I need someone for holding me & saying "All would be fine my dear". My lovely mother & super cute little bro have always been pillars of strength. I have found immense joys in my mother lap and love filled with possessiveness in my brothers presence. He always behaved as if he's the elder one, caring for me, fighting & understanding at the same time. My competitor & my best friend he has been with me whenever I needed him. 
The picture exemplifies the bond we all share as a family, its his first Rakhi & he was an adorable kid now a grown up guy of 20. I still miss his chitter-chatter & constant nagging, which he did to ensure that I laugh at his jokes & then we ended up fighting :). For the past 2 years he's living in the college hostel to pursue his engineering degree & I miss him each day, mostly when my exams are going on because I have vivid memories of him cracking rustic incidences of fooling around in school, all discussing when we were made to study in those December nights. He use to narrate his acts of bravery whether, a fighting spree or discussing how he fooled the class teacher to bunk the lectures. I remember every little detail he used to discuss, telling me about his girlfriends & making me keep the secrets, I wonder if the time would ever come back!

“Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away”

This was one such moments as we got the picture framed to honor the living room with the aura it bestows on the life of us four. My parents had always made us share everything with them whether its about a dilemma or a little secret which is running the hell out of us. We have always been a happy family (touch wood) and the "Splendid 4" as we call it is a bunch of 4 darlings who are one & share the strongest bond there ever was. I have confined my true self with my best friend & she's my lovely mum, the all so vivacious & gorgeous, sweetness at its best, she's the one who taught me to respect little things in life, making me understand what love really was. If I am able to truly love my life partner its because she's the one who exemplified what's being a perfect wife was, a perfect mother in every way. I wish I could ever be close to 1% my mother is my life would be blessed. A personality so divine & shining all bright, she never really cares for herself but is just busy making people around her happy. I am proud of my father for falling in love with such a cute angel because that made both of us (me & my brother) destined to have such a soulfully rich & beautiful family. :) Thanks a lot you two & my father (not in the pic).

I was just 5 & he was 1, waiting to get the rakhi tied to his fist my mother was holding the little, cutest kid I have ever seen, my little bro. Every Rakhi I make it a point to see this pic with my little bro so as to to re-kindle the bond as brother & sister we share.

My Cuties...

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"Finding Sunshine In Cliched Darkness": My entry for the Get Published contest’

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Ever wondered what love meant to an ugly, geeky girl who never thought she would find her  prince charming? 
Well this is a fairy tale story, just out of the books in real life; this is MY story. A story where I re-lived my true self, being so protective as if I was with God, Yes my own God. He was perfect in every way. Love was restricted as he did not believe in the word  "LOVE". However, to me it's undoubtedly the greatest, the loveliest and the purest feeling one could imagine in a few moments & seek bliss of a lifetime or one could spend the life with his lover & yet it seems as if it ended so soon :(

Emotions that transformed me from a shy girl to a person who proposed the guy. Love blew my senses in a manner which couldn't be defined. 

"If beauty was to be defined how to describe the rose?"

"If innocence was to be described how can I do justice describing a new-born?"
"If love was to be defined how can I briefly state the relationship between you & me?"

It was as pure as the morning sky, as beautiful as the moon on a cloudless night, I made the move to accept the rejection but to the contrary we ended up being the best of friends. The story is real & doesn't resemble the usual love stories you might have read in books or watched in movies. It is about seeking your soul mate out of the blue. I saw him & I knew, if I would ever get married it would be only with him or else I would remain single. Just a chance glance and I made him my soul mate... Strange but true, it was truly weirder than fiction. This is the story of T & M...

A girl was the state topper, cute, geeky & ugly(maybe in some sense). The guy was a handsome, intelligent, innocent, patient person with whom any girl would love going out. I fell in love maybe in a week's time & it seemed stupid as my friends used to say that, we were not meant to be together!

I didn't know his name & dreamt about being his wife, a lady whom he would love more than anything else, a marriage where just the eyes would do the talking, a life where we would be the best couple ever. Such dreams without even knowing the name? Gosh ! This was insane & I was the craziest girl ever present there. 

So what do you think, did we ever ended up being together? Did he ever like me? Why would such a handsome & intelligent guy fall in love with an ugly girl? This couldn't be a possibility, right? I was sure he would never chip in ;  I was just behaving in an imprudent manner. This was not meant to be my story, maybe I would never get married because if it's not him, there no chance for anyone else. A real love story which would fight all odds or maybe not! It might complete my empty life or maybe not.

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Love On Crossroads

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It’s because of You that life is bright
It’s because of you every time is right
I wonder what I have been without you
I would have died all alone
Or maybe living a life in just my flesh and bone
You made me smile in difficult paths
Full of monsters and rafts
I wish I could hold you close
                        Close to my heart and never let you go                        
Because when you are not around
My hearts sobs and tears overflow
Life is a beauty in half grown light
But it sparkles with our love shinning more bright
The happy times are about to end
That’s what your behaviour makes me comprehend
I wish I could make the bond rise with passing time
And let my heart be at peace and climb
The journey of life would have been divine
No smothering just rising and rising
Every moment is a cherished memory
Locked deep down the trail and the keys are lost
I wish I would have left some love in your heart
To track back in life
I don’t want to leave
And spend the last days in deceit
Love was destined to happen between us
Don’t know what went wrong and you made the cuts
Wounding my hearts with a criss- cross blade
You saw me suffer and still you fled

I  Wonder what destiny has stored for both of us
Don’t want more cribbing and making a fuss
I just need you by my side
Would forgive the times when you lied
Because I have come across the truths
That  snuggled with our youths

I wish It does not happen again since you promised to love me forever with your heart and restrain...
Lets start all over again from the time our love was intense as the sea and strong as the mountain
Promise me things would be fine as you will pay our love with all your soul and

Your love for our bond helping me forget the times we had lost....
P.S: I am not use to writing poems on heartbreak, so this is my first try. Know, it's a bit long, thanks for bearing with the flow :)

Love Captured In a Short Film

I was just browsing over the internet & came across these awesome short films, they are not an award winning version still I liked the idea & plot portrayed so well in just 10 minutes....
After seeing the films I really think our directors need much of an insights from the younger generation who are full of ideas & diverse story-line. We really need a change. 

Hope someday the people understand that just copying international flicks is not real movie making, you need to explore the real life & drama in moments passing by.

A must see for all Indians as most of the film is in Hindi, there's an English script going on at the bottom, so in case my lovely English friends have developed a curiosity. This one is a must try ....


Arranged Marriage    

It Creeps In & Stays : Part II

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Tears of joy laden with contentment flowed down the lady's eye. She was happy she made the right choice in fleeing with her husband.

"What happened next, Grandma?" Nandini asked restlessly, winging her imaginative mind to all possibilities.

"We packed all our belongings, as much as we could and was out! Into the world to realize our dreams with the person who was my companion & belief."

"We took the very first train to Banaras & when we reached there, your grandpa's old friend was waiting for us, his name was Vishnu, he was a very helpful lad, tried helping us with everything- from finding a suitable house to making us feel at home to the new surroundings", 
"Life was a bit fast paced here in Banaras compared to the weary & old outlook we had in the village. Your Grandpa got a job as a tutor & earned just enough to meet our needs. We were a happy couple, we laughed, studied together, went to watch movies on every second Sunday & shared every bit of ecstasy our heart wandered in..."
"The year passed in a jiffy. My board result was due in a week's time & I was nervous like hell. To my surprise I got to know I was expecting at that time. I did not reveal this to your Grandpa & wanted to startle him with the news & my results next week. " Grandma rose again & went to the window, touching the rose petals she said "Your grandpa showered me with his love when the result came, I still don't know whether it was the news or the result that made him laugh so much that day, he was delightfully crazy & was happy beyond anything"

"I talked to my mother on phone ,the very first time after being in Banaras, she was joyous & began questioning me profusely, about how was I, how was everything going & making me realize how much I missed her, the same way she did..."

"That's all my dear, the tale of love your grandparents shared & I suppose any one in love would have felt the same emotions I did, so I can tell you happily that I loved just one man in my entire life & that was Your Granpa...."

"It's quite late now Nandini, you go to bed now..." 
"Grandma, I want to confess something" Nandini mumbled

"What is it my dear?" Grandma asked in a hush tone

"I am in love"  with this, they hugged each other & the tale continued. But it was delivered from from the listener to the previous speaker now :)
Such are life Dearies...

Hope you enjoyed it.... 

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It Creeps In, when you least Expect !

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"I got married at 12, it was a feeling full of drudgery & disgust. Which girl would love leaving her friends, the so called school & parents at an age when playing in mud makes you delightful ! " She sighed

"Did you ever fall in love with Granpa then? " The petite girl asked


"I hated him at first because I wanted to study, become a teacher but destiny had provided me with this gloomy existence, my mind dwelt in remorse. I wanted to go back in my own hut ,where I belonged among my three sibling sisters, I wanted to cry but I was not allowed too. "

"So what happened? how come you liked grandpa then, since your life seemed to be surrounded with a cryptic sense, was it worth it or you still regret it?"  Nandini asked with the keenest scrutiny in her eyes.

"It seems my little girl had grown up, asking me such deep questions, haan ! Nandini?"

Nandini blushed & said shyly "Don't change the topic Amma, please tell me when did you started loving grandpa? Did he made you fall in love with him, what drew the two of you close, please share it with me, I won't tell it to anyone. It would be a secret with us, I promise!"

With complacent emotions the old lady rose & from the wardrobe took an old white notebook...

"Your grandpa gave this to me, when I was 13 & the more he wanted to talk to me the more I resisted, but over time he learned about my dreams & aspirations and handing me this book" asked:

"Can I be a part of your dreams, I would be by your side no matter what, I would be your strength, be your friend whenever you need me, just talk to me, he pleaded. Pour your heart out, I am yours in every sense, won't ditch you I promise..."

Tears flowed down through my eyes into his palms & I smiled.

"I want to study, I want to be a teacher ; Will you allow me?" I asked with questioning eyes

Yes, came the reply and he embraced me in a warm hug. "I can't tell you how happy I was, being in his arms, it was more blissful than hearing the Yes" :)

"Wow!! Granpa was so cool, I respect him for his stand. Tell me more, what happened next?" Nandini asked pondering over what Amma just told her, she wanted to hear the full tale of love & trust ,her grandparents lived in a time where the situation was submissive like hell.

"As he gave me his words, he was always by my side, along with his boards preparation he taught me everything I wanted to know, he arranged books from friends & bought notebooks so I could practice. He was my best friend now, we shared our dreams, he wanted to be an engineer much to the opposition of his parents(my in-laws). We had a 6 year gap but it never hindered the joys we had, cracking jokes, understanding each others need, everything now was a part of our so called married life ; which was more than just a happy & delightful experience we both shared."

His boards results were out and he topped the district, the only boy who secured a distinction in every subject. His parents were happy, as they thought he would not crib about studying any more and look after the family textile business. But, I knew he wanted to study further but did not had the guts to reveal what his mind craved for.
6 months passed without any progress & he still could not muster enough courage to bring out what he wanted to do, frustrated like hell he came late in the evening from the boring job & slept. I knew what was happening; was bad but couldn't do anything, one night he came to me and asked: You need some help?

I said "yes, but I will manage, you please take some sleep! "
"No I want to help my dear, he helped me solve the arithmetic sum that I was stuck with"
"Thanks! I said" to which he kissed me on the cheek. "I love you" came the reply
"I want to ask something?" he said
"I was about to faint, as it was the first kiss we had shared after 3 years of married life"
"What?" I asked in a hushed tone
"Will you run with me to Banaras..."

There was a pin-drop silence in the room, I think I would have fainted completely if he would have not hold me asking me again...
"Why?" I asked
"I would study there in an engineering college, they have accepted my application & I have applied for a job as a tutor, we could easily live there and make our dreams come true!"
"What do you think, my wife" he said mockingly...
I don't know till date why I said "YES" but we both laughed and planned everything in a lovely mood. We both were going to be free from all the bounds we were living in, we would achieve everything we desired , but above all it was the happiness of being with each other. I was happy because at times I prayed for not letting him go because we would be away for so long. I was scared of loosing him but now we were together-  facing life, making all its plight turned into moments of pleasure we now rejoice.
It was our love which transformed the nadir into a zenith...

                                                        Continued Here

Love @ 7

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"How much for the potatoes Bhaiya?" a feminine voice asked.
Mayank looked back & saw a stunningly beautiful girl buying groceries.
His mother had send him to buy veggies from the market much to his disgust , but at last he agreed.
20 Rs for a kg.
"Weigh 2 kgs please" came the reply
She took the bags & went her way across the street to the left.

Mayank thoughts were disrupted when the vegetable seller asked "How many kgs should I pack?"
After which Mayank hesitatingly ran following the girl, but she was no where to be found, at which Mayank felt  disturbed & couldn't sleep the whole night. His mind muttered the same words more than a hundred times, remembering the beautiful eyes, the accentuated lips, lovely fair skin of the angel in disguise.

"Shits !! Where am I gonna find her now?"
Mayank worked as an assistant manager at a leading bank & he usually reached home by 8, but since it was a Saturday he was home at 5 & much to his disgust he had to go to buy veggies, but it soon turned out to be a blissful memory of an angel direct from heaven in the market at 7.

The day went in a jiffy, but he did not forget the sweet voice even for a fraction of a second. At 6:45 he dressed perfectly unlike his usual track suit, he wore a nice shirt & jeans, ready to get another glimpse of the cute lady.

He went to the same spot where he first saw her & stood close to the vegetable seller pretending to analyse the veggies  as if he found treasured gold antics with minute detailing. He waited till 8:30 & the seller was ridiculed like hell. "What do you want Sir?"
"I will tell you in a while"
"How long will it take?"
"I will tell you in a while" ;)

He waited for half & hour more & at last said, "pack me a kilo please", to which the seller replied "Here is the packet, you please leave I don't need the money."

Monday went with usual office chores he asked permission from the manager to leave early, to which the manager agreed. Back at home, he got ready again in hope that he will see his angel again, he reached the market at sharp 7 & Voila here she was, looking pretty as ever, much to his delight.

She stood near the fruit seller, bargaining in her mesmerizing voice laden with sedatives (that's what it seemed to Mayank).
He kept staring at her, when she began to walk his way it was noticed that the guy was not safe to be around. Which nice girl would feel comfortable at someone gazing so deeply at her?

She made a face & began to leave, a week passed & the same routine followed. By now the girl liked Mayank, the way he dressed up was sauve & sophisticated & now Mayank had calmed down a bit, as in he knew that he must not reveal his interest so damn clearly making the girl uncomfortable...

Both stared from time to time, when he stared she looked in the opposite direction biting her red lips beautifully, when she looked back, Mayank looked down but they both knew they wanted each other's attention.

A month passed & still no improvement from both the sides were made, no initiatives were taken & they were shy like hell. Both sober, polite & had awesome personalities yet they feared rejection (everybody in love get chills down the spine when it's time to express there feelings, Right?)

At last after 6 months Mayank got the courage & followed her till the end of the street, she knew she was being followed but she wanted him to make the first move.
"Excuse Me"
"Yes" she stopped.
"Can I please know your name?"
"I want to tell you something, girl"
"What is it?"
"I come to the market everyday at 7 just to get a glimpse of yours, I am Mayank & I am not a loafer by any means". "I think I have fallen for you, I love everything you do, I know you live at Rose Apartments, 6th floor & I would really like to know you better"
"I know you come there just for me, I noticed the constant staring some 6 months back, I would like to confess - sometimes I don't buy any veggies still I come just to get a glance" she said shyly.
"How can you be so sure that you love me?, you hardly know anything about me? Maybe after knowing me you would not like me anymore? Ananya asked.

"Even after knowing everything I am sure I would love you even more, there's something that attracts me towards you & I am sure its not only your beauty but the inner soul"

"What if I told you I am a Widow" she said.
Mayank was speechless, "What?"
"Yes, I know I should not have acted in such a manner but my husband died after a week & my in-laws say I bring bad-luck, I am not a well educated girl & my religion would not allow me to date another man", I have to live with my destiny no matter what!
"Can't you fight against the customs for our love..." "Oh! I am sorry, you don't even love me, right?"
"I don't know, but in those 15 minutes in your strange company I feel as if I am free of all the boundations,  society had imposed on my heart, I am not allowed to love, I am sorry"
And she began walking her way, tears flowing down here cheeks.

"Wait", Mayank screamed.
"Please leave me alone , if anyone saw you with me, I will have to face dire circumstances", she sighed.
"Love is not about letting your lover go, Ananya, just tell me you love me or not?"
"I don't know, Mayank but you deserved better than me, go and find some one who can give her love to you" with these words she left. It was the last that they saw each other
The next morning Mayank went to her apartment but the guard told him that Ananya left at 4 in the morning.

It's been 8 years since the last conversation they shared, Mayank has a 6 year old son & a lovely wife but he will never forget the 6 months of constant staring at 7 when he was a bachelor. Maybe his love would be like this forever, constant, secret somewhere deep in the heart not letting any one know how much he missed her after these 8 deadly years....

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Festive Styling with Shopper's Stop

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Femininity and elegance are synonyms with sophistication and my choice is no different. This festive season in my shopping cart are items from the chic, stylish & suave fashion store "Shopper's Stop". I have always loved the designs, which seems to personify styling & take it to the next level.

So, here I am with my pics for this Diwali & Bhaiya Dooj, there were doubts involved among the umpteen choices & it was really difficult to choose one outfit from the Shopper's Stop wardrobe ;) But, since I have to make a definite choice which reflects my personality accentuating the festive mood here's my take.

1.Kashish Printed Crepe Jacquard Saree: The Saree redefines femininity at its best, with a fully printed this is neither too heavy yet blends very well with the festive mood. Priced at Rs.1599 this is worth every penny.

2. Infinity Earring : The color, designs goes well with the ethnic Saree & accentuates the overall look. The rubies are beautifully carved in a cufflink manner & any one wearing it would look pretty as an angel :). 

3. Infinity Necklace: The earrings & necklace are not part of a set yet they resemble in a lovely way blending wonderfully with the Saree print. 

4. Pepper Sandals: Not too high, it goes nicely with the saree making one to look a lady with dignity. Medium Sized heels are a must with a Saree to make to walk in the feminine way.  

5. Infinity Bracelet: Its ain't bulky & just a carving on the hand, such elegance would enhance the feel, keeping it simple with a dimple :)

That's my pick in flow with the festivities we eagerly wait all year long. WHat's your pick?

P.S: This post is a part of the "The Perfect festive Look" an initiative sponsored by Shopper's Stop at indiblogger. Take part to know more...

Love is When "..."

Love is when
you look me in the eye and
express it's because of me your world goes round

Love is when
you go out of the way
just to make me comfortable

Love is when
you play with my hairs and
say you are the prettiest girl I have ever seen

Love is when
you be my strength in hard times
every time and not some time ;)

Love is when
you know the times are rough and
still make me sway in times tough

Love is when
nobody seems to help
yet with all your might you keep the boat rolling

Love is when
you hold my hand and confess
that we share the strongest bonds no one can share

Love is when
things are not that bright yet we seem so right
together not letting each other go

Love is when
I miss you like hell and
know my heart will swell in lovely moments of lost time

Love is when
with all your love
you burst the stress and say "Be my wife forever"

I got the Chirpiness Back!

“Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.”     ~Robert Brault

School is one of the best time of our life's, free from responsibilities & miseries concerned with growing up. I finished my graduation this year & got over with school 5 years back. When I entered college, it seemed as if I was now a free bird ready to take on life new challenges, I was Happy that I got rid of the boring homework, the constant cribbing from those teachers & most of all the enigmatic tests :). Not to forget the entrance for engineering students.

College life frowned with its loving memories , yes I was happy with the environment because in school I never did what my heart craved for, no bunking, no skipping those boredom ridden classes, but now envisaging that this was the best time of my life. The lovely four passed with all its bliss & erratic moments, yes they were variable in a sense that I was surrounded by a variable phase every now & then!
But, now when I have done with most of the studying , my heart wanders in the school time, the wonderful days where we were laid with all boundations, yet with all our plight we were protected. The super-cool classrooms which I admire the most in comparison to the big halls we had in college. The games period where we played our heart out, jumping afresh with every drop of sweat. The teachers who bid us goodbye on the last day with a feel-good smile on their faces, with blessings carved in protection they led our wings drowned in aspirations.

Now, getting to the point... Some 3 months back, we shifted to this really beautiful verdant locality, small houses, greener surroundings, somewhat scenic & the invigorating freshness. But the best part is that we have a school just behind our backyard. We share the same back wall as well ;) It’s not an ordinary school with excellent account of national table tennis champions & other athletic activities.

Love Grows Not Dies With Age...

Recently I read an article online how love in a marriage fades away as time passes. As two hearts grow old there love somewhat dies & you need to re-kindle the lost love with certain techniques...

Does True Love ever Dies?

Not according to me. With age love grows more stronger, it relies on immense trust & faith for your spouse. Love which require to get re-kindled is not true in any form.

Relationships last long not because they’re destined to last long. Relationships last long because two brave people made a choice—to keep it, fight for it, and to work for it - Unknown 


This a dogma we need to get rid, but those in love needs no advice. They know there love is eternal & nothing, not even age can fade the perpetual bonding between there heart and souls.
When we love some one dearly the first wish is to grow old with that person such that there's not a single moments where we are lonely & have to face the time alone. :) 

Growing old with your lover is all you could wish for, love grows & you rise with time, seeing in each other's eyes, life seems so short & an ephemeral unite! The more you spend time with each other the more stronger the bonds grows unlike people's plight who do not respect love & pass such unwanted, extremely non-prudent judgement , that love washes out of it's real beauty as you age. If you have ever loved a person really & truly & in your heart it's pure and afresh then never be afraid of anyone, not even your family(that's a different topic altogether). 

Love thy self, love thy soul, love the one that completes you in your heart, because heart is the union of two souls, if you wanna be one, growing old together would be full of triumph & ecstasy :) Take care folks !!

Life isn’t a choice or an obligation, its a gift, so embrace it as much as you can. You never know how much time you have left in life.- Unknown

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Are Entrepreneurs Born or Made...

“There is no reason to be hesitant… becoming an entrepreneur is a learning experience.” –Savannah Britt      

Preparing for an MBA is an eye-opener to many things in life. It teaches you to analyse simple situations with a keen eye, turning you to reap benefits even in cases where there are none! Yesterday while browsing my Movie folder I came across "The Social Network" based on the life of Facebook founder "Mark Zuckerberg", I have watched the movie twice but still something in me ,compelled it to watch it for a third time, it's not that I loved the movie but I wanted to introspect on factors pertaining to entrepreneurship. 

With the advent of numerous examples of, people starting up there own ventures with unique & "Cool" ideas, the prevalent nature of Top Business school across the globe is put into question. Can the skill of being a tycoon risking your stamina,finances,belonging - is in born, or it can be studied?? According to a recent study there are wide number of examples where people with this talent , i.e being an entrepreneur are rising so much so that the government, specially the Planning Commission is India is setting up plans to urge more & more individuals to set-up & start furbishing there ideas into business.

“Success comes down to hard work plus passion, over time. If you work really, really hard over a long period of time, it will pay off.” – Stanley Tang

With the people concerned, whether random graduates or small town hero's entering & thinking about starting on there own the question arises. Is the hike because of their aptitude which they develop from early years of their lives irrespective of whether they own a Harvard tag or not for that matter, would they still function as successful business entrepreneurs & would they gain the same popularity they are attracting now?  That may sound to be really controversial on the usual stigma we carry, but truth is that these schools do not teach you to make up a business they just sharpen your skills & talent.

Now the question arises since it's inborn should students stop craving to enter in a big B- school & set up on their own?? What do you think? According to me the answer should be NO! Education never hinders anything it always broaden your perspective in life & does help in one or the other way. The human mind is not bounded by education but hovers over the very fact that it helps the human mind in the right direction which makes us capable to realize our true worth.

Your views are always Welcome! What's your ideologies, share it with us...


The voting session was quite hectic & confusing for all of us I guess because all the entries were fabulous. :D But, since it's a game we have to chose one for the sake of it :)
Ok, without further ado I would like to announce the winners of Word-o-logy Wednesday now:

Who Voted!
Number of Votes!
Rachit, Satish, Simran
Krincess Carl
Always Unlucky, Sravant
Madhavi, Faye Balabat
Mishti, Sangeet
Panchali Mam
Gunjan Sinha, Tanya
Renu Sethi
Ashna Banga
The Little Princess
Green Speck
Always Unlucky
Ashna Banga

So, according to the number of votes received i.e 19, We have ANI as the Master Word-o-logist & Krincess Carl as the Excellence Word-o-logist, i.e as the VETO holder I vote for her to be the second winner.
All the entries were amazing but we have to choose two in order to hold our winners. I hope you all enjoyed the game, I had fun hosting it.

The winners can collect there badges from below. I am glad you people liked the game because I got lovely message through mail from most of you. I truly respect the suggestions I received as well. Have fun. happy Blogging! Take care.

#1 Master: Ani

#2 Excellence: Krincess Carl

I would have loved to host more of word-o-logy wednesday so I have made a new blog here WORD-O-Logy Wednesday but due to time constraints & other commitments I am unable to do so.... Thanks a lot for the support you all provided for this event ! Take care !


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