The Voting Begins!

Word-O-Logy Wednesday 

The entries for Word-o-logy Wednesday has been closed ! Hope you all enjoyed the event, all the entries(links) received so far are really creative & each one of it is unique in one way or the other. 
When I was strike with the idea I was not sure even to get a single involvement. But the response has been awesome. I am delighted at the entries received :D Thank you guys for the love & support provided by all of you 

But, now the countdown begins. To chose who was the most creative of the lot we will start the voting from today on wards (i.e Sunday 28th Oct 2012). The voting closes on Wednesday (i.e 31st Oct 2012). 
Please read the rules below carefully.

1. You can cast only a single vote among the participants but you can not make a vote for your own entry. 
2. All the participants + any of the Members (Readers) of "Coveted Dreams"can make a vote among the entries. Please visit all the links before deciding on your vote.
3. Regarding the vote made by a reader (if not a participant) you can vote for any one of the entries.
4. For voting please follow the following format  & you need to submit the votes here following this link CONTACT ME.  or mail me at  

5. Format for voting :
 * The person you think was the best : Your Choice
 * Suggestions : If any

6. You just need to keep the above provisions in mind. I would be casting a single vote & in case there's a tie I would use a VETO power ;) That means I would decide on the winners. But I don't think such a cse would occur.

7. Since, we have received a total of  21 entries, we would be announcing two winners. The one with the highest vote : Master Word-O-Logist & second with the second highest votes will be : Excellence Word-O-Logist. 

8. The results will be announced on Wednesday (31st Oct 2012). The badges would be provided in the same post. Hope the best one wins :) Thank you folks! Take care :D     


  1. Voted. Hi-5 and a super-like for this game Tanya! :)

    1. :D Thanks Rachit! I am happy that you liked the game :) take care!

  2. Voted dear.. and waiting for the next EPiSODE.. :)

  3. Tany.. you can use this code for voting of further games..

    Hope this would

  4. Hii Madhavi, actually I posted a poll when I wrote the voting guidelines, but the problem was that who voted for whom could not be revealed in that case. I wanted to make it simpler for all the people out there, participants & readers but as I mentioned I won't be able to know the response. Moreover, a person can vote for him/her self & can make more than one vote also. hence, to maintain transparency I relied on the email thing :)
    One, more thing. I won't be hosting another contest, I have made another blog but it's too time consuming & I don't think it would be worth my time. Hope you understand :)

  5. Ohh woot, woot ! Now this is an amzing way to help fellow bloggers :) Fantastic game, as it my Tani ! :) Hows you, what's up dearest. Can I make a vote too ??

    1. Ohh dear Mishti, how are you ? Thanks for liking it dear. Please mail me what happened you were off for such a long time! Yes, readers can vote dear!

  6. Veto power !!! exclusive to 5 superpowers in the UN.

    1. Lol ! Ohh yes, :D Results will be out in a while so stay tuned :)


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