The First Day

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I am here standing at the bus-stop with my parents all here to bid me good bye for my new life... Haah!
I wonder why parents worry so much but still I feel nice, I am lucky to have so much love in my life...
Here comes my bus, I sit & notice there are group of boys sitting in the front seat. I quietly sat on the fourth seat, as all my friends know I fret from boys. Don’t know why but I don’t like boys, I am always finding ways to not encounter one, as I get nervous....
Hence as my nature bestow upon me I sit behind all of them looking away outside the window not caring if anybody sees me or not.
After one and a half hour of travelling we reach our college, impressed by the architecture we have a good welcome by our seniors who were telling that there is a special seminar organized for us as to make us aware of what all the college has in store for us.
Very few people know that today while walking to the seminar hall I  noticed a very charming guy. Hey! I haven’t done this before so, it’s new :P .But not paying any heed to this moment I carry on with my walking. There we all have our seniors welcome us with a rose & tilak ceremony. Now the rounds of speeches are there. It’s a boring phase I now recollect but at that point in time I was ecstatic ; as so many old people give away their words of wisdom for our new life in college & after that too...
Coming to an end after two hours we are served with cool refreshments & after that a senior student take us all for a campus tour. I am petrified; thinking that they will be ragging us, but to my delight I was just asked to tell about my hobbies & some other stuff... Cool! Rite?
I am left alone to watch college now I go & sit in the canteen, there I met this girl.

“Hey ! I am Mishti, How are you? Your name?”

“Hii! I am Preshtha”, are you in first year?

She answers“Yes, I am, so which stream?, I am in Computers”

“Me too, Computer Science, Hii”

Our conversation starts & we bid each other good bye after an hour as it’s time to leave now.
In the bus I am thinking about the conversation with Mishti, she’s the Haryana State Topper with 93 % , same score as mine in CBSE. She asked me which school I was in & about siblings & other things.
In the bus there are a few girls thank god no boys, as I don’t want an ackward conversation with any.
I reach home & here is my mother standing to receive me. Haah! Am I a toddler who doesn’t know the way home, sometimes these parents are so cariiing... God!
In the car I tell mum everything that happened the entire day & about Mishti as well. Reaching homw my father asks me about all of this gain & my little sis too.
It’s 7 in the evening & I am watching TV with my family, wishing & praying all at the same time that my life would be good & nice.

                                                                                to be continued...

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Disclaimer: This intro is just a work of fiction, excerpts are taken from certain life experiences but it does not owe resemblance to a real character.


  1. Very nice, Tanya. This blog took me to my younger days..lovely :)

    1. Thanks a lot dear Panchali. I am happy that I was successful in being re-kindle old times for you :)

  2. this story is very relatable. it made me reminisce my first year in college. i, too, felt nervous, but all those seniors who gave freshmen the reassurance made freshman year bearable. i love that preshtha made a new friend. it matters a lot when one feels so alone in a new school. :-)

    1. Thanks a lot Irene. Yeah actually college is the way quite different from what we were at school. It's one of the most crucial times in life. :)

  3. बहोत सारी बाते पहली बार कॉलेज में घटित होती है, पहले हम सभी डरते है कॉलेज जाने से, कुछ दिन बाद सन्डे भी बिना कॉलेज के भारी भारी लगता है,
    लडको से डरने वाली बात मै समजा नहीं, अच्छी कहानी थी समाप्त करने से पहले to be continue लिखना भूल गयी आप.

    1. Woo! A comment in Hindi, thankx. Yes I have added the to be continues.. rasp now :) Thanks a lot!

    2. I desire that today will comment in Hindi for your blog, also the real thing is I'am not to good in English


    3. Ohh thanks a lot friend! Thanks for liking my blog so much :) Take care

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks for the eagerness, would help me write a much better post.. :) I read a very old post of yours at Indivine. I was really moved, won't tell you which one but I must say you are an amazing writer. I never read anything like the way you portrayed it. Thank you :)

  5. For the first time, I am taking offence! I won't say how I liked it before I read the "Continued..." parts.... Its not fair! I know you have posted so many other stuff after this, but this story shouldn't have been neglected!! Write the other parts!

  6. Hey Tanya

    Complete the story soon. I wanna read more. I'm again finding myself in your words. I'm also a Cat aspirant. Now this much fuel is enough to rekindle your lost story.

    Silly Smiles... Take you Miles :)


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