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Hii! I am Preshtha, a 17 year old regular school pass out about to enter my college life. I am a bit nervous today as I don’t like changes in life; I am not open to adapting different things easily. That's the worst part, but still I am looking forward to starting a new life after school... After all school has to end!!
About me; I am a regular not-so-pretty yet, a cute girl, good in studies, I like studying to the core, score good always above 92... at an average.
Tomorrow is the first day of my college & I am fretting very badly, not showing this to my sister & parents as I know they will start showering me with comforting things...
I know this paragraph sounds boring.. Just wait because my life’s gonna be a roller-coaster in a while ;)

                                                                                                                                    to be continued....

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Disclaimer: This intro is just a work of fiction, excerpts are taken from certain life experiences but it does not owe resemblance to a real character.


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    1. Thanks a lot dear Cathy. I hope you liked the intro of the protaganist... Thanks friend

  2. Strapped in for the roller-coaster. Sounds like it's gonna be a fun ride.

    1. Thaks Chris... I hope you like the journey of this love tale :)


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