The Question of Being Mature Enough?

I have been wondering since tomorrow evening as to what really is termed as mature.....
I have lived for 22 long years & my brainy box always thought that I was mature enough. But, parents as you know are a lot who will always term you as puerile small kid, no matter what you have achieved so far.

 According to me the power of differentiating what's good or bad decides whether you are mature enough. I am blessed with that power I think!

I always choose friends with an innocent hearts & this characteristic is judged on different parameters. The comfort in some one's presence, the way of talking, perspective on different issues etc, helps me decide as to where a person stands. I know I don't have the right to judge anyone, but I search for like-minded people (not always), I have some of my closest buddies to be exactly opposite but the true self is almost the same...

I had always searched for happiness in smaller details of life, whether it's a baby smile, or a bird chirp, or for that matter a lovely song playing I just smile & tell to myself "Life is Beautiful"

Sorry, diverted from the major issue! What's being mature enough???
Should I be fighting with people to get my right or should I un-necessarily take stress as a counter attack of being mature??? Why do grown ups (most of them) think that the younger lot can't take their own steps towards making a mark. Or should we stop listening to elders & do what our heart says. I like doing things my heart agrees to... But sometimes certain things does get you thinking as to why this happens often.....

Criteria of Being Mature Enough (From MY Perspective....)

1) You can judge what's right & what's wrong...
2) Most of your judgement are correct....i.e the outcome is fair enough
3) You fear god & never-ever indulge in wrong-doing;  even if you are an atheist you do fear the devil getting onto you...
4) Your decisions are respected by everyone at school or college (leave the elder devils here ;))
5) You are making a mark on the field you had choosen for yourself....
6) Friends are in support & want you to carry further...
7) For the marital knot you have selected the right would-be- spouse (you very well know what's right on your part)... /please
8) Make them understand that your dreams are important & you would hate to- fret later, for not giving in....

 **These points from my opinion are perfect 8... If I had missed on something kindly point-out... Until then

Disclaimer: This is a personal opinion, there's no intention to hurt anyone... My Apologies if I did so. Also I am not telling anyone to rebel your parents , they love you immensely & unconditionally, it's just that they are
humans so can go wrong some where. It's our duty to understand them & make them approve of what we think. They want the best for you kids... But still we need to get them out of the cliched viscous circle .....                                                                                                



  1. Maturity isn't defined by age .... I agree to your 8 points, but then, how can we decide whether we are wrong or right?

    1. Here is where your conscience comes to play. Everything done with conviction & approved conscience can never go wrong. Life is a test every moment & listening to your soul will never get you wrong anywhere!
      Hope you got your answer...:)

  2. Excellent piece of judgement :) Loved reading the entire post. The feelings are so nicely portrayed.

    1. Thanks M, for liking the post. Keep visiting.

  3. I'd deleted my previous cmnts mistaknly, so in this i'm merging two things which is running into my mind....
    One is " i read somewhere a quote and ifeel without that comment this post would be incomplete so here i am adding a pinch of wisdom...
    “Maturity is achieved when a person postpones immediate pleasures for long-term values.”
    And second one is that the writer of this article has left her readers with no choice by using the beauty, the charm, the carisma, the appeal and the cuteness in her lines and that is the very reason I used the pharse pinch of wisdom...
    In one sentence..Thsi is something what we call a blogger's post....

    1. Ohh such a lovely statement. I am flattered :) Thanks a lot, glad you liked it so much :)

  4. I liked the topic you chose to write on and also your take on it.
    Would love to know a parent's/elder's perspective on this. :)

    1. Thanks, would try to add that in a while. It would be a tough job, sigh... Thanks for coming :)

  5. nice post...tanya, u sure have a way with words!

    if i could add my take on this,
    "knowing that that could be 3 sides to an argument,as in, mine,the other person's and what is actually right!!"

    we often argue on who is right...but it takes a lot of maturity to know that there could be a third side takes maturity not to scream louder to make ur self heard, it takes maturity to "empathise"...the list could go on..!

    1. I totally agree with you, we need to respect what others have to say & their perspective matters too. Hope you like the post. Take care !


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