Love Story: Part 2

Now I will introduce you to the Lovers...

Katrin as I mentioned before is quite shy & reserved. On the contrary the boy is a way too open minded, fun loving and out going. He s into friend and talks to just every one. Possessing a lovely heart as pure as a crystal & charming in every aspect of his conduct. His name is Michael…. What he is going to achieve through this journey is a life partner name Katrin...

Now It’s about a week since college had started and they go in the same bus following the same route towards their destination. Now as the college approach the guy comes and sit next to the girl. The girl is concious of his presence but does not say anything. The boy says “Don’t you think you are way too quite?”

Katrin see into his eyes for a fraction and then looks down. The college comes and they go to their classes. Now several days passed. The girl can’t take the face off her mind. She just tries every possible way to get past him but in vain; not understanding as to is this love or just an infatuation !!

But this was true love. Love that will break all boundaries and will fight to be one…

Today was their first exam,after finishing which when they came out saw each other. After over a month they were face to face. They just smiled and went their ways. The girl now was more concerned about her feelings which grew day by day. She was happy to get a glimpse of him in the bus or going to the library in the playground. They did not talk for over a 2 months and the intensity of love grew to be un comparable to anything around. Katrin was worried about how Michael felt about her but their was no way to detect this….

Stay tuned to get more on this amazing yet true love story. 

                                                                                                                                            © Tanya


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    1. Hope you really liked it. I will be posting more only if people would be reading & dropping comments. Thanks :)

  2. Eagerly waiting for the next post. Wish to read the amusing tale quickly. Post it soon Tanya

    1. So sweet o you, yes will be posting it soon :) Thanks


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