Love Story: Part 1

Read on to view a fairy tail love story.
Everything written below is a beautiful reality of love between a boy and a girl who met in the 1st year of college and after that life changed gradually & beautifully for both of them; when they fell in love with each other. Love which broke all boundaries,love which was selfless and true in every aspect. 

The girl was too shy & was not comfortable talking to boys, quite brainy but reserved. She had such an innocent face, big dark eyes in whom you can look till eternity. A simple girl who was just concerned about how her studies were going, had very few friends & was a passionate poet. It was the very first day of college & in the almost empty bus she sat in the right hand corner window seat, unaware of the fact that a guy was concerned about here being lonely & seemed to be sad. He wanted to talk to the girl was since it was the first day couldn't exemplify the courage needed. The bus stopped & with the second they entered the Big Black Gate, they stepped into a new life. Life which would teach them to be self-reliant, to go in that wild wild to face new hardships every day.

The introductory speeches were taking there rounds & somewhere their admist deep silence, two hearts were waiting for a life long journey together, with all the persistence & affection being showered.

To be continued...            

                                                                                                                                        © Tanya


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