A Father's Friend, A Mother's Treasure

It's been long since I  posted a message on such an Auspicious Day, yes it's not a festival of any sort, but It is in quite a way. For everyone who's got a Daughter this day means a lot. I am not trying to convey that they don't adore the little princess every day it's just that a day like this gives you the opportunity to thank God for such a lovely blessing in your life.-- Message for all parents who are blessed with a daughter.

Sorry, I didn't get the time to post this early in the morning was busy with normal stuff going on but now at this wee hour I have find this special moment to share. My mother gave me a lovely bouquet of flowers this morning, a kiss on my cheek & wished me making me a delighted girl this morning. I don't count such day's but everybody likes to feel special on one such occasion (other than our birthday ;) of course).
So here I was feeling totally awesome & my day went extremely Lovely...

Few Lines from my side to every daughter reading this :)

                    "A Daughter is a mother's treasure & father's best buddy for life",
                                         A blessing, a gift, a favor for parents.
                                        Her love bestows the pain they have,
                                 being a friend she understands their very soul....
                              Not expressed in words but the joy in her laughter,
                               the eye's that twinkle seeking love in mother's arm,
                              She walks with a lovely heart flowering bliss all over,
                                          finding joy in small things, being the 
                  daughter of not just two happy souls but two another who take her home...

Don't know if I diverted from the path but just a reflection from beginning till the end. 

#A few words to all Men out there:                                                                            
"Love the women in your life, as she's the little princess of another Man, who can give the whole world for her sake, a father, a friend who ca't see tear in her eyes! 
Because with every tear that flow through her cheek lefts the father torn into pieces"

#For every Girl out there, this message is for you :)
"Be determined to get what's yours because you are the Strength of somebody,
A Daughter, a wife, a sister, a friend you are Special My Dear,
Don't let that tear flow through your lovely eyes because dreams as mighty as a Sea content them in these,
Love yourself, Love your Life because you brighten the world around You...
An angel in disguise, You deserve the best in Life"

For my future daughter, if I ever had one because I really wish for one :) I would give you the world my sweetheart, You mean the world just be with me...:)

Message: "I pity those who kill their lovely angels brutally, felling no pain at all. I pity those with no heart to feel the beauty of a girl's heart. The apathy lies in their mind & soul because the world would end up in a holocaust if there's none like us!"- From All beautiful angels to pathetic souls out there...

On a lighter Note : "Men Will be Men, But girls are Gem"- hahaha no offences meant to the guys, just a funny phrase :) Take care girls & Men ;) Be Happy!


  1. Replies
    1. What the expression about Amrit? Did you liked the post or the last statement? :) :chukle: lol!

  2. Thank you for this lovely and thoughtful post. i have 3 lovely daughters!

    1. Ohh that's so wonderful. I am glad that you liked my thought :)

  3. yippee...three cheers! I am as glad to be a daughter to the best parents in the world! They have brought me up with so much love and respect that it always made me proud to be a girl! i never knew what a boy-girl differentiation was all about! such a soulful write up, Tanya!

    1. Thanks a lot Dear princess. Glad you liked what I was trying to convey. Thanks a lot for the comment. Take care !

  4. This post was too girly for me. :P I hope you don't mind I skipped much of it :P... But I really loved the message you had for all men out there. :) I would thank you for that. It was indeed nicely put. I would surely take care of my little princess... :)

    1. Lol! Yeah kind of :) I am glad you liked the message Samik, I loved the last line of the comment! Thanks, a lot


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