20,000 Yipee!

I know My blog has to go a long way but your footprints counter crossed the 20.000 milestone.
I am Really Happy. This made my Day.
:) I write for myself , just to let all those ideas been pen down is a great feeling. Blogging has provided me an amazing sense of conviction. I love when people like the blog, comment on my posts, Follow the blog & appreciate it, Criticize it... I know all bloggers like the stuff, but just for the ecstatic moment I am experiencing I wanted it to be shared.... Thanks all for your support...
COMMENTS r always welcome...
I would love if you follow & be my friend...:)
Please let me know what you want to read what you didn't liked....Thanks N Take Care


  1. Congratulations ... keep blogging :-)

  2. Congratulations, well done and hope you have many more successes. love your writings and the photos you choose too.

  3. ..keep writing girl...it is a beautiful gift..we all are immortal in flesh..but it is our writing that will make us immortal..
    ..keep on the good work..lets bleed words.. :)

    1. Glad you liked my blog. Thanks so much for such lovely words. Yeah! I totally agree with u :)


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