Giving Advice Is Easy, Following It Is Tough

Before giving advice have you ever wondered if you could follow the same. We all have definitely seen people around us who are masters at giving advice, no matter what the topic of concern is... Even we ourselves sometimes do not fail doing the same. Advice must always be given in order to guide your friends & family members but never to show your superiority, before uttering your piece of concern do remember & think if you have followed or can possibly follow it, if you fall in the same trap as your friend!
Advice is a "valuable piece of thought which is defined by experience or pre-conception of a bad consequence" , the solution to which lies in your advice.

First of all, never be quick in giving words of advice, think before you open your mouth & analyse if it's correct or could be possible become more better if given a second thought.
Secondly, before falling in, for giving your words as pieces of advice do prior thinking, if you could follow the same with ease & whether it's the best option left.
Thirdly, the piece of advice in any circumstance must never be violent, if any such case persist never submit your answer... NEVER!
Last but not the least, always provide with a solution when you are asked to do so (If anyone think you are capable) Or if there's a friend in need give it so that your friend solve his/ her problem with minimum conflict.
                                                                                                                                            © Tanya


  1. Short sweet and simple..loved it.
    You know there many people who often try to show others their way but those are just few who actually turned themselves into a way for others.

    1. Lol! You know what I was reading your blog & you were commenting on mine... Thanks for liking & commenting on the post. Thanks for following too :) Totally agree with your analysis.


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