I don't know why I am writing this just felt like doing this a number of times hence doing it.......
Loyalty for everyone should be viable no matter in what sense or for whom it is. I'll tell you a great reason to be loyal that would take you to heaven after death....
If you love someone be loyal no matter what because when you are loyal their are beautiful moments with your loved one. Even Gods have knelt for Love whether it's between Brothers, parent & Child, Husband & Wife or between Would be Spouses. Even If you are not bounded be the Marital Tag that does not mean that you are not in the Circle of being loyal. You do not have any right to wander around because you have a person who is loyal and loves you. "The Thing goes for Men and Women both", as I have seen bad girls too who are nothing but inn for bad things,even when they get some guy's love they whither around and, I have seen a real incident regarding this hence came up with this idea of sharing with all my readers.
Here, I do not pity the Guy, I pity more the girl... who is loosing upon true Love(hard to find these days). Now to point out that does not mean that Girls are the only culprit but they are to be blamed as much as we do the guys. Love should be selfless if you want to bear the fruit. Now How can I say that It should be Selfless and talking about the fruits at the same time, because most of us do desire this only; Love in Return.... DON'T WE????
So we should not, Love any Gal OR Guy without anything in return... But do keep a close watch on them too so that they do not MISUSE you.....
Thanks and All the Best People.... I wish that I could help even one person to realize the importance and I would get my New Year Gift.... Thanks once again :)
                                                                                                                                              © Tanya


  1. there are million philosophies behind the apparently existing thing called "love". yours is one of those very few, im really close to. Magnificent.

  2. Thanks so much @Pseudo for your reply n hope you liked in here :)


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