Over Confidence Portrays you as Nuts...

With so many talented humans in our surrounding do we really stand a chance to be Over- Confident?
A recent entry of a girl in my class forced me to ask this question. She is very  fluent in his speaking and intelligent as well but do not rank high among the scholars yet she is so much over her achievement that it is sometimes pathetic to see her manage things. We all must have come across such people and they lay a very dismal phenomenon of natural instincts. I do mean that no matter how much we achieve we should never ever take that toll on our mental thinking. Never get yourself sufficed by these small accomplishments overcome our desire to achieve more. This does not mean that you leave on to your likings and dreams it just point to one perspective “Stay Grounded”. That’s what makes us at the top, that’s what make us feel humble and people desire our presence.

                                                                                                                                                                                              © Tanya


  1. so very true...noce blog...keep writing and i ll keep visiting :)


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