Thank God For Life

To tackle life you need be kind;                                                                                   
No matter how the journey savour,                                                                           
It'll surely be in your favour.

With all the ups and downs it goes,
It's not simply a bed of rose.                    
Not for all the cowards who die in drain                                                                   
but for the little boy who live down the lane

Life is for those with guts                                                                                        
and not for those who have gone nuts.                                                                         
It always gives you a second chance                                                                          
It's up to you 2 give it a glance.

Things may or may not be going right,                                                                       
It's obligatory to be the one who's bright.                                                                
With all the challenge that we might face;                   
Life's for those who completes the race.

It's not only the virtues it teaches you              
Talking of the one who run out red from the blue.                                                     
Get all the goodness that you have in your heart,
It's high time you learn the art.

Its full of difficulties and pleasure                                                                            
In big and small measures.                                                                                   
There are always heaps and downs                                                                          
Oh! you don't have to frown....

Life is beautiful just try and make it happy :)

                                                                                                                                              © Tanya


  1. Very well written.... my lil sister doesnt seem to be little any more!!
    Love, RK

  2. through the eyes of Tanya..beautifully portrayed and poured on paper..
    ..keep writing and keep the flame burning.. :) ;)

    1. Thanks a lot Rigzin, such a lovely comment from a lovely poet. :)That's a big complement!

  3. A very enjoyable read, Tanya... leaves one with many a thought to ponder!

    1. Glad I left you with a thoughtful provocation Panchali Mam. Thanks a lot for you visit :)

  4. Wow, Tanya. I love the message you send out through your words, inspiration to do live life the right way :) All your works are very beautiful and I truly admire the sincerity with which you fill them. Very glad to have met you, keep blogging and spreading cheer always :)

    1. Thanks for such appreciative words dear Arti. I am really happy that you liked the simplicity & honesty with which I write :)Its the very first poem I wrote when I was a kid :) Take care dear!

  5. Neat and Nice one... nice play with words.. keep going...


    1. Thanks a lot friend for such kind words. I am happy that you like the style! Take care. Keep visiting :)

  6. Tanya my god u wrote this when u were kid, u knew life so well even then. Very beautiful poem.

    1. :) Ohh Man! You really think so, such kind words. This was a lovely comment. I wrote the poem when I was in 8th standard for a competition :) I won the 2nd prize though !!


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