Life Is Music

Ever wondered why Everybody love music,whether it's a melody,rock,jazz or a soothing song. We simply are bounded by music. Life is also music. One will be Happy and contended if we allow ourself yo flow in this tide. Life is just a one time encounter,live it on your own terms, Never compromise by killing your Dreams.
Love it, drink it down, dance over the tune and make the most of it.
Never do things that may lead to any kind of guilt to you and your family, because you owe responsibility to others and you must be happy for having a certain amount of authority in greater terms. You are lucky to have a life of your own, a Family to love , people who care. Besides being happy you are over control of your life so one must know to stop doing things which are not acceptable. This is where we differentiate between the mature and novice citizens

                                                                                                                                         © Tanya


  1. congratulations on your blog!!! More power to you this 2011! :-)

  2. Thanku dear. Hope you liked the blog. Let me know what else you want to read


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