No doubt the word leaves an impact of having something throughout the time for which one live. It is meant for something which will be carried on patiently as a life long experience(Gift) and may be considered after it.
“Forever” in itself a symbol of commitment, a life long journey which has been promised to somebody. A relationship could be decided to last forever and then nothing can come which can break it off,it’s the person who has to do this for the survival of the bond. Two people can Love Forever, i.e they are committed to each other in such a way that nothing can diverge them from holding each others hand for life. Nature is bestowed by it’s beauty forever,no force,no human encroachment, no destruction can cause this bond to break off like a beautiful rose seem to be gorgeous to the beholder eyes and none can convince the beauty seeker to think that the rose petals are not pretty & it’s a total waste looking at its un-comparable, un-distinguishable loveliness the beholder enjoys.

“Forever” is something in which you cannot look back but stop everything which make you incapable of achieving your promise. In love,you cannot love anybody else if it’s a ‘forever’ relationship.

It’s not easy to call everything to be forever. Nothing stays forever but the time for which it lasts has to be abided by you as if it forever…

“Love” somebody forever,”live life” Forever

“World is beautiful” Forever,

“Night is lovelier”Forever.

“Love is to be loved”,to be in love Forever.

“You”will be the same Forever,

“I”will love you Forever….
                                                                                                                                            © Tanya

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  1. Nothing is forever, forever is a lie.
    all that lies between, is a hello and a good-bye. :)


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