Do You Agree (Self - Realization)

There are times when you just have nothing going right. From one side to another everything's in a mess. Your family is not supportive,your friends no longer show the same interest in your opinion and your love is busy somewhere else. This is a test where we can reach a state of self-realization. Like contentment,conscience, conciousness this is also an amazing virtue of Human Existence. I would rather say that this is one of the most important paths without which a person is incomplete in his/her life.
Self-Realization is a constant journey which one should focus upon. It opens the space for a better survival, a stable lifestyle and a more stronger vision in your nature and behaviour. Try n know your weak points because if you are not aware of these there is no way you can rectify them. Love yourself and never compromise on your principles because it's against human ethics. I am not justifying any nature but if your conscience does not allow you perform a task then you should leave it, because it is the strongest force linked with the all mighty(helps you to follow righteous).
Mentioning all these stuff i am just figuring their relation with each other. conscience is an integral part of realizing your true potential and can never be neglected in any state of life.
and As I always say Stay Grounded.....

                                                                                                                                                 © Tanya

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