Wishes for 2011

My Wishes for 2011...

1. A Peaceful existence : We all at some point of our lives we desire peace in our life's... So i hope 2011 brings and full fill that craving.

2. Action packed presidents like Mr. Obama: We need more people to be in power like president Obama. With the recent news about the white-house the common man desire politicians much like him. Who are concerned with the nation and not there pockets.

3. Confidence in all : There are so many suicides all over the globe that put the human race in grave danger and puts a question mark on the pressure levels that are over- rated. We want depressions of people to be eradicated completely with much help from bureaucrats and concerned officials.

4. Reasonable cure for all diseases : The number of deaths due to severe ailments are on the rise in every nation. The condition is worst in developing countries. So I wish to have research in the field of medicine bringing lot more affordable and effective drugs to treat difficult pathological conditions.

5. Innovation taken to new dimension : I expect greater ideas being appointed in almost every other term and field... Waiting for gadgets that are reasonable and user- friendly for a lay- man. 

6.Roaring platform for the Talented : Whether it is Singing, Dancing ,Education, Entertainment ; if there are no opportunities everything is frail and void. Talent is passion and if not given the right path it's wasted. I hope people with extraordinary aptitude get their true worth.

7. Environment -Savvy Gadgets : Demand for new and cool gadgets would never end so end of my pick list are electronic devices that are unique and at the same time environment friendly.

8. Health and happiness for everyone : Yes, i desire to see all human beings perfectly healthy with some minor ailments, to thank god for their existence and wanna see them Happy alltogether
                                                                                                                                             © Tanya

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