The Great Debaters - Movie Review

If you are wondering why such an old movie ? The answer is simple, I saw it recently ;)

Are you a fan of Denzel Washington? If Yes, you ought to watch this one, The great debater would strengthen you claims of him being a flawless actor. If Not, you ought to see how he is undoubtedly an actor who can pick off any role and draw magic with a finesse. No matter how sublime or overtly powerful the role is, Mr. Washington does not fail to amaze his fans.

As far as the cast is concerned , its chosen with a touch of perfection. Whether its Henry Lowe (Nate Parker) with his rugged charm or Samantha Brooke (Jurnee Smollett) with an awe-inspiring elegance, all character take the story to a defined destination. The story leaves you with how in reality a team of debater can influence an entire society and play their part in an immensely intriguing way.

Majority doesn't decide what is right or wrong, one's conscience does. - Samantha Brooke

With powerful dialogues , a gripping screenplay and a bunch of polished actor. The story unfold where Henry Lowe is sitting inside a seedy bar trying to gather female attention. He lands up in a fight with one of the girl's husband- much to his disgust but is rescued by Melvin Tolson. Lowe is well versed with profound literary creation which is evidently showcased in the opening scenes. 

The following morning he is awaken with a shock in his class where Melvin B. Tolson (Denzel Washington) lands in as one of the professors at the predominantly black Wiley College. 

Melvin decides to forgo his search for a debate team which is administered with despair by his fellow colleagues. With much resistance he is successful in choosing four powerful debaters from the class who aim to smash all records , thus putting African American as a contender.

After some invincible wins they are invited by the prestigious Harvard University to challenge their debate team. The events are based on true happenings and the way the script is penned down is sublimity at its best. All characters even for a fraction does not fall short of persuading your inner instincts. 
The motive of movies like The Great Debaters, Freedom Writers, Lean on Me is to portray and spread an unending plight of black in the initial period. Feelings full of disgust , people who loath them just because of their being black is strongly condemned because it is your acts who should define your true worth rather than the outer decisive image. The movie showcases not only day to day humiliation but also lynching in one of his scenes which leaves everyone disturbed.

The team goes on to win their toughest and the most distinguished Harvard Debate and are tagged as un-precedented . The story later reveals that 10 teams after the winning of the very first time took the world by storm , winning almost every event they vouched for. Dr James Farmer Sr. (Forest Whitaker ) portrays an influential educationist and the father of one of the debaters . He is shown to transform from a restricted/ reserved man to being a strong willed father. The events which compel him to shed his solidarity is due to the emotional strength his son exhibit by supporting Melvin in his rebellious acts of fighting for the community. Melvin Thomson is referred as a radical , not keeping in terms with the situation vying for more rights of their own. Melvin is concerned about the circumstances that surround African American and is twice arrested just to be freed on being threatened by James Farmer. 

The frequent usage of "An unjust law is no law at all." shows how restricted the society was in the 30's. With some breathtaking visuals and spectacular acting this movie is bound to take you by storm.

Fantastico Trip to Mc Leodganj

Last year in December me and my family went to this beautiful place located above Himachal Pradesh. It's a beautiful hill station as a sub urban of Dharamshala and the district of Kangra. It's at an elevation of 2082 meters. This serene breathtakingly beautiful hill station is so beautiful and lovely that once you visit it you would crave to go to this place again and again. It took us some eleven hours to travel through the bus after crossing Chandigarh. 

But once you reach this place unlike any other hill station you would be won by the immense beauty it bestow, its full off some innocent looking people and water so pure coming directly through the Himalayas. Like most of the hill station their would be abrupt light drizzle to welcome you at every juncture of your stay here. I preferred the delicious Rajma Chawal that one of my friend told me to have here. There was this amazing dhaba in a low rise valley surrounding our hotel where we had the Rajma Chawal almost daily as one of our meals. 
Himachal as a state is quite peaceful with helpful and cute innocent people doing their daily chores and a lot of places that attract tourists in all seasons. No matter you can grace this place in summers and fill your winter morning with a hot cup of coffee enjoying snow clad mountains. 

The beauty is there in all seasons and you can plan a fantastico trip all year round at any time you wish to. Also for tourists planning a trip sometime soon its okay but for those of you who plan to pay a visit near winters please be cautious of land-slides that might happen somewhere at the start of December. As the valley stands just surrounded by the Himalayas I think that a lot of view would like to check for reports by the weather department rather than being stuck in the course of your journey. Mcleodganj is an awesome place with big Yaks to welcome you and fat white rabbits to play with you when you travel in the busy roads. I simply loved every part of my stay in Mcleodganj and would love to visit again sometime soon. 
Their are a lot of temples in the valley and you should visit the top three one's if you want to see the architecture and the beauty that the religious places have to offer to your soul. After paying a visit your soul would be thoroughly refreshed and you would beautifully fall in love with how the food, people and eternity treat you in this pleasant old valley. I have been to a lot of hill stations and I personally feel this is trip has been the best one so far. I cherish every moment I had here .  

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Impact of Jatt Andolan

With the recent agitation by jatt's in Haryana over their claim on reservation it severely impact the peace of a nation. The agitation if expressed peacefully could bring about a point in front of the government but losing out on the prosperity of the nation and making your point brought out may not only hamper peace but precious lives are also lost. I personally feel that the impact would be detrimental with a lot of innocent lives lost in the last three days. 
An agitation and peaceful way of expressing concern over a topic is allowed but gradually when the same becomes and possess a sense of violent back drop it becomes hazardous for the population and the culture as a whole. The recent Jatt agitation in Haryana where CRPF, Border Security Force being present for a safer environment to help safeguard the common public which are not indulging in any violent practice I feel that any agitation should not take the shape this ugly. We have seen a lot of incidents where communities disrupt actual peace and not only entail a violent environment but themselves fall prey to people and political forces thus running their vote bank politics and not respecting common man life's at any instance possible. They are just mad about power and stuff that they have control over. 
Communities are innocent they don't know how to tackle a situation this big but by passing o ill-logical remarks I don't see them to calm down. They would be much more violent if some one pass a derogatory remark against them at a point like this. As far as the motive is concerned I don't see anything where being violent would help them. Lives being taken among fights, loss of some crores of public property and making that loss account for other people is no way one can justify a calling. If you want something demand the same peacefully, setting fire to cars, buses and public property would not help any way, hitting on to public servants would not help but would rather call for actions from the authorities. I seriously am of the view that any agitation should be only done in a context where a point could be heard and then taken a conclusion for. Involving in tasks like hampering common office flow, disrupting routine would disturb a lot of people without any reason because you are asking the government of your demands and the common man can not help you out there. So peaceful agitation is something which need to set the norm. Public property is built up of hard earned money which we pay via taxes and hence its a deterioration of money and resources causing un-necessary angst in the heart of common public. 
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Macro Economics: Impact on Global Markets

Whenever one does financial modeling and after that possible valuation of a company to reach for an investment conclusion macro-economics play an important role in the decision-making process. I personally garner a lot of insights when I am doing an investment report from whatever is going on in the macroeconomics of the world. Now if one considers a cyclical stock which moves with how the economy is going forward the consensus is easy as to see GDP numbers, PMI index, and numbers that reflect upon the economy as a whole. Government policy intervention, RBI interest rate cuts or hikes are also an important indicator if you are tracking the banking sector or India Inc as a round of development. So both as an investor and as an analyst, one needs to be cautious with the entire market perspective overlaying macroeconomic principles and it impacts on markets. 
While one forecasts Indian companies the industry average might be a good number to watch out for, so we have to gauge risk factor (beta as a number) and percentages of growth in years to come. Basically, the set norm is five-year forecast but some analysts do three years for a more realistic and short term advent of the markets on a particular stock. 
Running out of time you need not analyze almost every indicator possible but yes some numbers give you overall assumptions as to how and when the numbers creep in the market, so we have both leading and lagging indicators which provides a holistic approach for looking at the market. Luckily macroeconomics has always been a subject I was concerned with, the indicating figures, the way markets depend on it and react to a particular news catches my eye and analysis. I love self-engrossing myself in facts impacting global and local markets and how the reaction surpasses to investors. 
So value investing is something an investor should follow rather than indulging in blind games. So if a tip by our so called market experts is compelling you to Buy a particular stock do not just blindly follow the herd. It could cause some adverse losses in your kitty, rather do some thought full research and then buy stock for a long term instead of just making some quick bucks in day trading. For day traders if you are making money for ten consecutive sessions at a go the eleventh would be so detrimental that you would loose the entire amount and much more in the last. So investing is an art which is basically instinctive usually based on some guess but yes take calculated risk after some possible research on the company you are thinking of buying.

Chinese Markets- The retreating dragon

The Chinese market has stumbled overwhelming points over the last one year. Global investors are quite worried seeking the virtues and impact of the Chinese collapse on Indian and global markets as a whole. The worry can be seen in pessimist reviews by economists all over the world, but are Indian markets at risk?

The answer is NO and the consensus is based on the theory of how the economics in China is moving. They have invested a huge sum of money in infrastructure projects and that too a lot of these projects are in the rural backdrop. The situation is chaotic as they await the projects to start reaping profits. Also, China has some minimalist debt from international bodies with huge foreign reserve lying at their disposition a year back. With the markets eroded completely they are now likely to hamper their foreign reserve outflow from four trillion dollars to 2.6 million dollars in times to come. 
The present quarter is likely to maintain a positive vibe in the global markets with the oil crisis likely to recover Chinese economy. But third quarter figures might plummet. I really think as an investor and equity analyst that there would be a huge impact globally but for India, we are likely to remain aloof with some corrections. Also if you basically talk about the Chinese stock markets as such all stocks are quoted at ten times their actual valuation figures that hold a strong correction for shares trading at their all-time highs. The economics are running weak with People Bank of China(PBOC) at the apex tends to devalue the currency to pitch in for exports and catching up on the dollar index. 
The renminbi or Chinese Yuan was last year added by the IMF in a group of currencies and that might have added as a plus point for the economy but rather than making use of the power that would have bestowed in the economy the China is far fetched to de-value its set state. Losing its charm of an ever increasing rise of 10% year on year and now surpassing levels at a declining trend of 5-7% economists are debating as to how the markets would move herein. Industry experts are of the view that after an initial development is made in an economy stagnancy creeps in and one needs to fight that with a lot of reforms from the government and that might be the reason that they are not seeing for the short term and are investing in the rural areas with a long-term view. So we can be safe in a lot of respects with investing being likely to surpass levels as this is a good time to invest in stocks valued much lower than their actual levels. 


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